Castelnuovo del Garda


Castelnuovo del Garda

When we created Sotto Casa Immobiliare we asked ourselves: what would you like from a real state agency?
Whether you want to buy or sell, you’re looking for reliability, transparency, and honesty.
Looking for someone who knows how to “listen” to your requests and answer your questions, that knows how to enhance the sale of your property and stand by your side during one of the most important decisions of your life: your house.
In 30 years of experience dealing in real estate purchase and sale, we’ve learned what’s important to you: honesty, clear speech, and concrete actions.
By relying on us, you’ll get all of it.
Sotto Casa Immobiliare was born with one aim: to help you make the best possible choices.
We do so with a team of keen, expert professionals, putting to work a network of partners that finds solutions to every real estate, business, technical, legal, or financial situation.
No, these are not easy characteristics to find.
That’s why we’re here: to give you what you don’t find anywhere else.


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Eagerness, experience, and reliability are values that we gauge our professionalism against.
We carefully listen to your requests and we work with maximum transparency to advise you and find the best real estate solution FOR YOU.

Surveyor Stefano Bortoletto, owner and real estate agent
Anna Munari, partner and real estate agent
Martina Facchinetti, coordinator and communication and marketing contact person
Andrea Bisson, real estate agent


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Are you looking for an apartment, villa, or a place of business? Go to our real estate showcase where you’ll find tons of ideas: use the filters to narrow the search and find the solution that’s right for you. Do you have special requirements or are you looking for something special? Don’t waste time, call us and make an appointment with one of our agents.


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On sale

€ 245000.00

Castelnuovo del Garda

120 Mq 4 Rooms 2 Bathrooms
On sale

€ 469000.00

Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella

255 Mq 5 Rooms 3 Bathrooms
On sale

€ 180000.00

Sant'Ambrogio di Valpolicella

303 Mq 8 Rooms 2 Bathrooms
On sale

€ 205000.00

Castelnuovo del Garda

115 Mq 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms
On sale

€ 229000.00

Castelnuovo del Garda

93 Mq 3 Rooms 2 Bathrooms

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Find, before you buy. Listen, before you suggest. This is our philosophy: your needs are at the heart of our business. Tell us what house you’d like and what your plans are, we’ll pick the properties based on YOUR requirements, so you don’t waste time and achieve results earlier, offering you all the help and financial, technical, and legal assistance you need.

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Sell well, quickly, and with the certainty that you made a good deal; we assure you total support in all aspects of sales, from the appraisal to the notarial deed, without having to worry about the bureaucratic or legal aspects. Thanks to our experience and the network of consultants, we successfully manage all kinds of intermediation.

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